• Boost male fertility*
  • Mega-dose, pharmaceutical-grade CoQ10 for sperm health*
  • Recommended by fertility specialists

ANDROENERGEN CoQ10 for Male Fertility

ANDROENERGEN is a mega-dose CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) supplement for men’s fertility*. ANDROENERGEN™ supports development of healthy sperm by providing antioxidant protection and propelling mitochondrial energy metabolism that is essential for healthy sperm*. ANDROENERGEN is the high-quality fertility supplement, utilized by many urologists, for men who want to become fathers*.

  • Provides a mega-dose 999 mg daily of pharmaceutical-quality CoQ10
  • Ensures best absorption by using oil-suspended CoQ10 in softgels*
  • Developed based on extensive medical research literature on antioxidants and male fertility, as well as CoQ10 and sperm quality*
  • Comes in 3x7 blister packs that make the recommended 3-times-daily schedule easy to follow
  • Undergoes a uniquely rigorous quality assurance process which includes a third-party testing at independent laboratories