Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC 

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, (FNC) is a specialty provider of high-quality nutritional supplements exclusively for female and male fertility. Through the incorporation of constantly evolving scientific knowledge and collaboration with top fertility and reproduction medical experts, Fertility Nutraceuticals has developed a unique range of fertility supplements, each unmatched in quality, purity, and consistency when it comes to helping men and women build families.

Sound Science

As is the case with all our fertility supplements, ANDROENERGEN CoQ10, our first nutritional supplement for male fertility, is based on sound scientific research, including a number of randomized controlled clinical trials conducted by male fertility specialists and published in medical journals after rigorous peer review. (For a relevant list of peer-reviewed publications on nutrition and male fertility, please refer to our corporate website.)

Rigorous Quality Control

For each of our fertility supplements, including ANDROENERGEN, quality is the key characteristic, in the sea of dubious supplement products. To maintain that high quality, we source the best available ingredients and have established a rigorous quality assurance process, which includes a rare third-party test for every batch of supplements.  We make sure that every product meets the high standards we have, and sometimes set by our collaborating medical experts.

Intuitive Packaging

When it comes to packaging our products, we’ve broken away from the “plastic bottle” industry standard, instead choosing product packing that “simply makes sense.” ANDROENERGEN CoQ10 is packaged into individual blister cards, to make it intuitive for consumers to follow the 333 mg 3-times-daily supplementation schedule.

Expert Trust

Recognized for our high standards and exclusive commitment to fertility, Fertility Nutraceuticals has earned the trust of top fertility experts. Many male fertility specialists refer their patients to Fertility Nutraceuticals for consistently reliable CoQ10 supplement to support healthy sperm development*. Our two female fertility supplements also receive expert endorsements and referrals. 

Fertility Education

In addition to keeping an eye on the latest fertility research for the sake of product development, Fertility Nutraceuticals also disseminates reliable, up-to-date information about the growing roles nutritional supplements play in female and male fertility – information that is useful to the general public and, to some extent, healthcare providers practicing in the fields of fertility and reproduction.